On 6th July 2010, Elphin, Ledmore & Knockan Community Association Ltd was incorporated, as a Company limited by guarantee to acquire a lease on the local school formerly known as Assynt (or Elphin) Primary School for use as a Community Centre. In November/December 2010 the Association succeeded in obtaining Charity Status, with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and in February 2011 ELKCAL signed a lease for the school building and an acre of ground with the Highland Council.

The Aims & Objectives of Elphin, Ledmore & Knockan Community Association Ltd (ELKCAL) 

The objects of the company as set out in the Constitution are:

To acquire the old Assynt Primary School building and its associated land in Elphin and to convert and operate it as a community centre for the use of the full and part-time residents of the townships of Elphin, Knockan, Ledmore, Lyne and Benmore and their neighbourhood in the Highland Council area of Scotland without distinction of age, race, or sex, or political, religious or other opinions, including:

  • use for the social welfare of the local community and meetings, lectures,
  • exhibitions, classes and other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation and arts and literature;
  • encourage training and the advancement of education;
  • encourage the study, understanding and exposition of the Assynt region’s history, culture, natural history, geology and geography;
  • any other purposes that may reasonably be egarded as analogous to any of the preceding purposes.