Chicken Day

The date for the 2024 Chicken Day is Saturday 14th September.  So put this date in your diary and get your entries ready for the big day.  We are planning to have live Chickens in attendance on the day this year and there is still lots of opportunity for crazy things to happen.

Here is the list of last year’s events but more information on the 2024 events closer to the day

Elphin Chicken Day 2023 Competition Information

Eggs  £1

  • Best matched ½ dozen – 6 eggs of uniform colour,  shape and size
  • Most different ½ dozen – 6 eggs showing the biggest range of colour, shape and size.

Eggs must be entered by 1pm on Chicken Day

Best Decorated Cage  £1

A cage suitable for holding a fully grown chicken which is the most imaginatively decorated.  It may contain a model or photo of a chicken also imaginatively decorated to add to chances of winning.

The cage must be entered by 1pm on Chicken Day

Chickens £1

  • Prettiest Hen – Photo of a hen and her proud owner
  • Most handsome Cockerel – Photo of a cockerel and his proud owner

The photo should be entered by 1pm on Chicken Day

Best Hand-Crafted Chicken  £1     Adult  &  Under 12

This may be anything from a paper mâché  model to a knitted chicken to a Lego chicken to a drawing of a chicken to a wooden model to a model made out of recycled materials.  In other words, whatever idea you can come up with.  Chickens must be entered by 1pm on Chicken Day

Best Chicken Costume  £1         Adult   &    Under 12

All competitors must be wearing their costume at Chicken Day and be entered by 1pm.  There will be a parade of the competitors at 2pm for judging.

Best Chicken Impersonation   £1    Adult     &   Under 12

Competitors will be judged on their impersonation of a chicken which may be just the sound of a chicken or may be aided by the actions of the competitor while making the sounds. Competitors must be entered by 1pm on Chicken Day and judging will be at 2pm.

Chicken Races   –  All competitors must be dressed as a chicken while racing.

Children-  £1   –   P1-3, P4-7,& High School up to 16

These races will be conducted in the area around the Elphin Community Hall.  Races will commence at about 2:30pm

Adults – £5   –  16 and above

This race will be a 1km fun run on a route around Elphin township.  The race will commence at about 3pm