Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator  


  1. The Event Coordinator will be approved by the Board of Directors for a particular event.
  2. The Event Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of the event and will report back to the Chair and Secretary of the Board of Directors and to Board if necessary.
  3. The Event Coordinator can co-opt others to assist with the event subject to approval by the Board of Directors. The activities of these persons are the responsibility of the Event Coordinator.
  4. The Event Coordinator is responsible for:

i)        ensuring that the event complies with all ELKCAL policies;

ii)       presenting to the Board of Directors a schedule of anticipated expenditure and for liaison with the Treasurer once the schedule has been agreed;

iii)     liaison with the Secretary and Chair of the Board of Directors throughout the event;

iv)     all publicity about the event,  including signage around the village(see notes below);

v)      being present at the event, or naming an appropriate substitute to be agreed by the Board of Directors;

vi)     after the event presenting to the Board of Directors a review of the event with recommendations for improving future events. A template is available from either the Secretary or Chair of the Board of Directors.


  • Ensure that the event will generate sufficient income to be financially viable.
  • Keep costs on publicity to a minimum. Templates for posters etc which meet ELKCAL requirements are available from the Secretary or Chair of Directors.

Other Considerations

  • Find out from the Secretary who from Board of Directors will be available on the day of the event.
  • Subject to having agreed a schedule of expenditure, liaise with the Treasurer to get a float.
  • Ensure that any advertising of Refreshments at the event are cleared with the Board of Directors.

Agreed: October 2011

Review: October 2012