Health & Safety

Health & Safety including Risk Assessment


Statement of General   Policy 


1.1    A   safe and healthy working environment is essential for nurturing excellence   and the wellbeing of our members and the general public. The Elphin, Ledmore   & Knockan Community Association Ltd (ELKCAL) is committed to progressive   improvement in health and safety performance leading to standards beyond   legal minimum requirements. To achieve this, we will ensure that health and   safety is integrated with other core management functions and that all our   directors are equipped to carry out their responsibilities. We are committed   to encouraging active participation by consultation and communication at all   levels in the Association. Safety performance is monitored by means of   regular inspections and audits, contributing to the review and development of   health and safety policy.1.2    ELKCAL   recognises the importance of, and has made arrangements for:
i   managing health and   safety at all levelsii  consultation with   members on health and safety matters;

iii information and training in   respect of health and safety risks and precautionary measures;

iv expert advice from Safety   Advisers and other specialists;

v  regular monitoring and   reviewing.

2      Responsibilities of ELKCAL Members and Visitors to Elphin Community Hall


2.1  Members of ELKCAL and visitors   to the community hall must:
i     take care that their actions do not put themselves or other people at risk;ii    follow health and safety instructions/rules;

iii report any   faults or shortcomings in health and safety arrangements to the event   organiser.

2.2  Everyone has a duty not to damage or   deliberately misuse any equipment provided for their health and safety – this   is a breach of ELKCAL policy and is a criminal offence

3      Publicising   Policies 

3.1  Copies   of the ELKCAL Health and Safety Policy, and other documents dealing with   health and safety matters, are available to all on the ELKCAL website.   Lettings policy indicates the responsibilities of the event organizer. Fire   Action Notices are displayed in the hall.

4      Fire   Action 

4.1  On   discovering fire:

i     Sound   alarm.

ii    ONLY if you are trained, fight   the fire, but without endangering yourself

4.2  On   hearing fire alarm:

i     Leave   the building by the nearest exit.

ii.   Help direct   members and visitors.

iii.  Go immediately to the   assembly point indicated on the Fire Action notices.

iv    Do not   re-enter a building until given the ‘all-clear’ to do so. The silencing of   the alarm is not the all clear.

v   The event organiser must take   responsibility for ensuring the premises are clear of people

5      First   Aid

5.1  If   you require first aid treatment, please contact the event organizer.

6      Accident   Reporting 

6.1  All   accidents must be reported so that the causes can be identified and action   taken to prevent a recurrence. Don’t delay in reporting accidents,   however trivial they may seem at the time.

6.2  If   you suffer an injury, sudden illness or ‘near miss’ while on ELKCAL premises,   you should:

i    get first aid/medical help if needed;

ii     ask for a Report Form from the Event Organiser;

iii    complete the details about yourself and the injury, illness or ‘near miss’;

iv  if   anyone saw the accident, etc. give their name(s) and address(es) as   witnesses;

v   any first aider who   gives treatment for your injury or illness should complete the first   aid/treatment given section of the form;

vi  sign   the form, with the date that you completed it, and give it to the Event   Organiser;

vii  if you cannot complete   Report Form immediately yourself, someone else can do this for you

7      Risk   Assessment

 7.1    ELKCAL   is committed to careful and regular examination of hazards associated with   activities and premises to prevent harm to its members and the public.

7.2    A   director authorised by the Committee will identify all potential hazards   (taking full account of any issues that are reported independently to the   Committee). An evaluation of the level of risk, current control measures and   any additional control measures required will be logged using Highland   Council’s recommended procedure.

7.3    ELKCAL   will ensure that all legally required checks and maintenance related to Fire   and Electrics, are carried out by recognised providers.

7.4    The   Event Organiser is required to communicate all risk assessments to relevant   parties.

Agreed: October 2011

Review: October 2014