1963 Monitoring Post

Elphin’s very own Monitoring post (now mothballed) is located 200 metres due east of the Old School. Although almost entirely underground it can easily be identified by it’s green metal casing which rises over a metre above ground level.

By August 2004: After nearly eight years and thousands of miles the survey of 1563 ROC underground monitoring posts finally came to an end on Monday 16th August when the last post site was visited at Port Ellen on the Island of Islay off the Scottish west coast.

To find out more please visit the source of this material (from the Royal Observer Corps – their online survey of the UK & UKWMO monitoring Posts) at http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/roc/index2.shtml

Some words from the site’s author..

“Finally, I have compiled this database for the benefit and enjoyment of all those who have an interest in this topic. I hope you find the facts and data, both interesting and enlightening. I am constantly striving to update and add additional data and interesting facts, as and when these become available.

Please feel free to offer or submit data to me at any time, by private e-mail to: Nick Catford Nick@catford.fsbusiness.co.uk”.

ROC Monitoring post: Key to picture:

  • 1. Ground zero indicator.
  • 2. Fixed survey meter probe cover.
  • 3. Bomb power indicator baffle plates.
  • 4. Air ventilator.
  • 5.Pneumatic Antenna Mast for Radio set.
  • 6. Radio set.
  • 7. Bomb power indicato
  • 8. Fixed survey meter.
  • 9.Radio head set.
  • 10.Loud speaker telephone.
  • 11. Carrier reciever.
  • 12. Pump for pneumatic antenna.
  • 13. 12 volt battery.
  • 14. Toilet